Entrepreneur - Does this sound familiar?

- The phone is ringing constantly, you don't have enough time to carry out all the tasks and it won't be getting easier. You know that you need help but you don't have time for learning the bureaucracy and tackling the endless paperwork that comes along when hiring a new employee.

- You are considering hiring employees but all the information you can find is either incomprehensible legal jargon or unreliable twaddle. You need reliable and practical information presented to you personally in a compact form.

- You want to know how much it would cost you to hire an employee. You know the amount of salary but what about everything else, the pension payments etc.?

-You dream of having a day off every once in a while.


- We recognize the risk factors and pitfalls and know how to avoid them. Our lawyers will advise you how to avoid potential disasters forehand. We will introduce you to different hiring options and incentive systems and help you to obtain any benefits you might be entitled to as an entrepreneur. For entrepreneurs hiring employees is always a risk but with our help you will eliminate most of the uncertainties.

- We will tailor a working contract and other documents for your enterprise. You don't have to spend tons of euros on lawyers, we will do it for free!

- You will receive all the information needed for hiring presented as a clear entity.

Sign up and have all this - Completely free of charge


Are you an entrepreneur or sole trader in the Uusimaa-region or Lapland and don't yet have employees other than yourself?

Has your enterprise been functioning for at least six months?

If you answered yes to both of the questions you fulfill the preconditions and can benefit from the free service!

If you fulfill the preconditions - sign up!

The service is beneficial for any small entrepreneur. Even though you are not planning hiring employees at the moment you will later on benefit from the knowledge gained in this service.

The entrepreneurs not intending to hire will receive valuable advice which will be beneficial when selling the enterprise.


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